A short-run sketch comedy TV show that aired in 2001. It was played during Primetime Tuesdays at 8:30pm on NBC in the USA.

Sorta like Saturday Night Live and Upright Citizens Brigade in primetime. The same cast would perform "sketches." There was nothing in common with any, just 5 minute short humorous bits.

Wanda Sykes
Jeff Davis
Lance Krall
Mary Lynn Rajskub

Made by Carsey-Werner-Mandabach, whose other shows are:
That '70s Show (a primetime hit)
Grounded For Life
You Don't Know Jack (which had many fans from the game but the network yanked after a few episodes)

From the NBC website: "“This show is a look at life – through dark sunglasses,” says Halpern. “It is about the frustrations of modern life as displayed through a series of short, fast sketches and reality pieces. It provides a collage-like view of the world we live in." Martin adds, “It’s the perfect show to get you out of an ‘up’ mood.”"

Steve Martin's only on-screen involvement was that his voice introduced some of the scenes and played narrator. He was never actually seen in a sketch.

Personally I liked the show and was sorry to see it yanked after only four episodes. The chances of it returning were slim originally, seeing as how NBC only ordered six episodes in the first place. Perhaps it wasn't appointment TV, but it was a good way to kill thirty minutes on a rainy summer night.

Disclaimer: I like anything Steve Martin is involved with.

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