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An oval amphitheatre that should be well known by any Carleton University student.

Due to it's size, it is mostly used for first and second year students.

In a constant state of disrepair. The walls are blonde panels of pine arranged in vertical stripes. The seats are flimsy plastic in the shade of green Christmas cookies.

If your prof decides to make use of the overhead projector, do NOT sit in the first 6 rows as you WILL fall asleep.

The Egg is a performing arts center in downtown Albany, NY. It contains two theaters which can hold approximately 1500 people, plus a large lounge area surrounding the theaters. The larger theater hold approximately 1000 people in fifteen rows of seats while the smaller theater holds approximately 500 people in nine rows.

Construction began in 1966 and took twelve years to complete. What's weird about it is the shape: it looks like a gigantic egg sitting on its side on top of a pedestal. Really, it looks like an egg. While the pedestal appears to stop at the ground level, it goes six stories deep.

The Egg is located in the capital district of Albany, near all the governmental buildings. If you're approaching this area on foot or by car, you can't miss the Egg. It's the one big egg-shaped structure.

It hosts a variety of cultural events including concerts, dance events, lectures, presentations, and plays. In addition, the large lobby has hosted all sorts of receptions, TV shows, and so forth. In fact, the Egg may be rented out for your organization if you've got the money and the need for such a structure.

For pictures and more information, direct yourself to http://www.theegg.org

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