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The Fishbowl is the enclosed walkway between Turck Hall and Doty Hall at Macalester College, probably named so because of the glass windows on either side. (A pity it's not round.) The Fishbowl is a good thing because it gets very cold in Minnesota, and because it's an easy place to send the pizza delivery guy. It's also a good place to meet up with people. The main drawback of the place is that the porch behind it is usually full of smokers, so some stray secondhand smoke can drift in and brutally attack you.

The Fishbowl is one of the computer labs in the Jacobetti Center at Northern Michigan University. It is so named for the three walls that consist of glass windows. That, and the fact that no one can remember the actual room number, which is, by the way, 124.

No, no, no, get it straight! The Fishbowl refers to any of the 16 dormatory rooms on the ground floor that directly face the courtyards or North, South, East, or West Dorms at Harvey Mudd College

The Fishbowl is also located in the ERB Memorial Union on the University of Oregon campus in Eugene.

The Fishbowl is, in fact, the name of the now-departed Athena Cluster lab on the infinite Corridor at The 'tute. Shee. Get it straight. :-) Actually, despite having been replaced by a Student Services thingy, the Fishbowl lives on in the form of a small Athena lab with no chairs (to encourage quick use) just off the side of the old Fishbowl entrance. It, too, has a glass front.

The Fishbowl is a punk club in Sunnyvale, open every saturday night in Le Boulanger bakery. It has hosted such acts as Slow Gherkin, The Pirate All-Stars, The Benjamins, Shortround as well as many other well known punk/ska/emo/indie/hardcore bands. It is a teens only club, and an important service to the teen music community in the Bay Area.

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