You looked down
with frightened bewilderment
from the pedestal
I'd lovingly deposited you on
and the rapture
in my eyes
prevented you from telling me
that you're afraid of heights.

for db

I am back where you wanted me

an aberration
when I was sick
and human for a bit

but you don't want human

you want someone to admire
since you have given up
you tried to talk me into giving up
and I looked at you like you were insane
get out of my way
I am getting well
I am going back to work

play with your toys
with the past
with ideas
with languages
with bitterness
hoping for collapse
so that you can feel useful

instead of being useful

stay out of my way

you think I'm on a pedestal

I think I am working
and having a life
and living it

Ped"es*tal (?), n. [Sp. pedestal; cf. F. pi'edestal, It. piedestallo; fr. L. es, pedis, foot + OHG. stal standing place, station, place, akin to E. stall. See Foot, and Stall, and Footstall.]

1. Arch.

The base or foot of a column, statue, vase, lamp, or the like; the part on which an upright work stands. It consists of three parts, the base, the die or dado, and the cornice or surbase molding. See Illust. of Column.

Build him a pedestal, and say, "Stand there!" Cowper.

2. (a) Railroad Cars

A casting secured to the frame of a truck and forming a jaw for holding a journal box.

(b) Mach.

A pillow block; a low housing.

(c) Bridge Building

An iron socket, or support, for the foot of a brace at the end of a truss where it rests on a pier.

Pedestal coil steam Heating, a group of connected straight pipes arranged side by side and one above another, -- used in a radiator.

© Webster 1913.

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