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The Epileptics are a Buncha Fags (© 2001, Blinking Lights Studios) seems to be only slightly more enjoyable than an epileptic seizure on a bed of nails.

The Epileptics*' freshman effort, this 5-song EP (including such abrasive misses as "Knowledge: Giving Head to Lenny Kravitz Version", and "Son of Bitch on Hot Plate {With Side of Son of Bitch, Sonny-bitch Side Up}") leaves much to be desired, even to a devout punk fan. In fact, 3/5 of the album is just different versions of the same song-- "Knowledge" by Operation Ivy.

Other tracks on the album include "nudbutt.wav" and "Knowledge - Johnny 5 Reaganomics Version". All the tracks on the album were recorded within a 2-hour span with dubbed vocals on a cassette tape- later transfered to digital media. The only semi-commendable tune on the disc is the "Jesus Condemns the Bison Version" of the Op. Ivy hit. It is rumored that The Epileptics are back in the studio, much to the dismay of music fans everywhere. Currently, however, The Epileptics have no other albums released, almost proving that there is a god. In summary, this a rare example of when giving "the old college try" isn't always a good thing.

Members of The Epileptics include:

  • Lorenzo Zoil
  • Jacob Slatter
  • Ole Pancake
  • Clint

*It is to be noted that there is, in fact, another punk band called The Epileptics that have released independent albums.

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