You stare at the article for a long, long time. It's almost unbelievable. Your ex girlfriend is a celebrity.

Three days later you receive a phone call. It's her. You almost drop the phone in shock.

"Hello." She sounds deflated. You respond with a polite 'Hi'.

Suddenly, it all goes off. She's crying, laughing, talking nonstop. You listen sympathetically. The price of fame is always high. Then, a sentence jumps out at you.

"How about we get together for a coffee? I'm in the country... so why not?"
You agree with much fumbling of an already lovesick tongue. You feel like an idiot, but at least you get to see her. You arrange a date, time and cafe. And then, the waiting game begins.

After what seems like an eternity, you are sitting in the cafe gazing into her grey eyes. She's scooping the chocolate laced foam off her cappucino. You'd forgotten how she used to do that.

You talk. Of seemingly endless things. How her career is going. How your new job suits you. Yadda yadda. Then, something unexpected happens. She reaches across the table and takes your hand, stroking it absently with her thumb.

The sheer power of her touch sends you reeling. And so do the words that follow.
"I never really gave up on you, you know."

You gulp at your coffee so fast you can almost feel your throat being scalded. She notices this action and makes a funny little noise, halfway between a sob and a laugh. That's when you realise it. It isn't a long distance relationship any more. You push aside the half empty coffee cups... and kiss her.

It's like you never broke up. You both feel the gravity of the kiss. It pulls you together. In a single moment, you find the love that you had left behind. You discover that you still love her.

God damn.

You get up, pay for the coffee, take her by the hand and walk together towards your car. And she whispers in your ear as you drive away.

"I love you."

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