A song by bluesman Taj Mahal on his 1991 release, Like Never Before.

"Big Legged Mommas Are Back in Style" is a tribute to a traditional blues staple, "Big Legged Woman," but its lyrics are a little racier and sillier. Sonny Rhodes' Lap steel guitar is all over the place, and Mahal on vocals often replaces words with sounds — i.e., "loved" with kissing noises. It's a weird, fun song.

This is a song you'll need to play multiple times when you first get it, because it is difficult to always understand what the heck Mahal is saying. I think he says this in the chorus:

You ain't had no Juicy Lucy till you be loved by one of them

But I'm not sure. I have no idea what "Juicy Lucy" means, other than a probable euphemism for sex.

Some of the best lines are around the end of the song:

Honey, get me some WD-40, gonna oil up my springs¹
My back is made of whalebone, I'm gonna make you sing

Also note that the song came out a year before Sir Mix-a-Lot's Baby Got Back, proving that Mahal was ahead of the curve.

¹These aren't the lyrics printed in the CD's booklet. In the WD-40 line, the booklet's lyrics instert the words "She says," whereas in the song Mahal makes it unclear who is asking for the WD-40, him or the unnamed big-legged momma.

Lyrics of the original "Big Legged Woman" song vary, but here's one version: http://www.geocities.com/BourbonStreet/Delta/2541/blbmcghe.htm#big

For grammar freaks: I think "big-legged mommas" should be hyphenated, so I did in the self-transcribed lyrics. But BMG music doesn't agree with me on that, and the song title does not include a hyphen. Thus, the node title doesn't have a hyphen either.

Edited September 25, 2003, to fit with copyright law.

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