One of the most important things I ever learned from Lee was that Chapstick is a bad lubricant for sex. She found this out after one Christmas where as a stocking stuffer I had given her several tubes of flavored Chapstick, since she was always borrowing mine. Lee had (has?) a very busy sex schedule, and she is well versed in safe sex practices. Lee has given me countless tidbits of sexual advice, most of which I've forgotten. I will always remember, however, that Chapstick is no good. I have also been told (but do not endorse):
  • make him go down on you first, it's always better that way
  • a rimjob from the right person is heavenly
  • sitting on him while he's sitting on the toilet is a wonderful position
  • a big dildo with a suction cup on the end planted on the toilet lid is just about as good as a man

Lee Stories

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