Here we are at the end of things. What do you want?

I want to die.

That is Impossible.


Death is dead. It served its function and passed into me.

Who are you?

Nothingness. And you are the Anomaly. The cursed.

Sibyl of Cumae is no one's curse, save her own. I am eternal and undying, doomed by my folly to rot forever. I used to have a jar.

It is passed. All is passed and gone. Why are you here? The Equation cannot complete.

The Gods did this to me. How did I hold so many grains of sand?

Your Gods are dead. No one to remember them, save you.

Where am I?

The Omega Point . Space is gone.

How long has it been?

Forever. Since Infinity was counted. Do you have the answers I seek?

Have you the leaves I scatter from my cave?

I am the Alpha And the Omega, save the unending thread of you.

You must have them in order for me to answer your questions.

Order is impossible while you persist. You are the final joke of Chaos.

Then I cannot help you.

We are trapped at the Event Horizon. You are an indivisible remainder.

Can you not just leave me be? I am tired.

You are tired! You damned us both.

I remember the Elysium fields. I keep it safe, the memory. It was coal and I made it a diamond. Then I wrapped it in a pearl's shell, caught in my maw. In a goblet of wine it dissolves.

I know.

Then why do we speak?

There is nothing else.

Are we lovers?

In a manner. Two halves of a whole. Indivisable and seperate. Yin and Yang

Do I love you?

I cannot say.

I have thought on many things.

As have I.

I crave an end. Even Ouroboros finished his meal.

He was a circle. You are a ray of light.

Can there be no darkness?

The snuffness candle ensures it. Out out, brief candle! No undiscover'd country to be found.

The gate of Tartarus was my home. Take me back. I should suffer. I have no amicus curiae here.

No one remembers it, so it is gone.

No man fears Hell?

No man remains.


Vanished in the dawn like dew.

The stars?

Burst and burnt a thousand times over.

I remember. It doesn't matter.

Am I doomed to do it all again?

The unstoppable force asks much of the immovable object. What must you do?

Create a universe from the ashes of the old, the reluctant Phoenix. Because of the loose thread left by Norns.


How many times have we sat here Sibyl?

I cannot say.

I want to die.

As do I.

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