Den store Blondino

Eleventh novel by author Sture Dahlström first published in 1987.

Frans Eric von Fitzenstrahl, aka The Great Blondino, is a dancer and avant garde movie maker who lives in a make-up room in a theatre cum brothel in Paris. He arranges film screenings in a local cinema with thirty projectors running at the same time showing the film everywhere, on walls, in the ceiling, the audience. He seduces lots of women all the time.

One of his normal tactics is the Nobel con. He approaches literary societies in different countries and claims to be a member of the Swedish Academy searching for Nobel prize candidates in literature. This allows him to stay in luxury hotels for free as well as accept handsome bribes.

Fitzenstrahl is the embodiment of the free artist not fenced in by antiquated values, but instead is able to create new and fantastic art uninhibited by convention.

Den store Blondino is also where my name comes from...

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