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The Happy Clappy Birthday Song is the bane of all American "theme restaurants".

Anyone who has EVER been in one of these restaurants has heard ALL the waiters and waitresses in the restaurant all charge out in a big chain, clapping and singing some unintelligible nonsense horridly off-key. They then hover in a holding pattern around the table of the target (read, embarrassed teenager) and feign excitement. (Read, attempt to stay conscious.)

I think I had my first "Happy Clappy Birthday Song" in the Olive Garden in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Since then, I (or other noders) have heard various versions of this obnoxious, meal-shattering ballad at the following locations:

And probably lots of others that I've managed to successfully repress memories of.

If you know a restaurant that does this and it's not here, /msg me and I'll add it.

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