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"I sit at my desk and just phase out" - Office Space This is exactly what I do and dream that one day I will get to leave this place and go on to better things, laughing at the teachers who are going to be doing the same books giving the same notes and shout and same catch phrases till their retirement.

This is the only thing that keeps me going and the fact that one day I will have a girlfriend, be old enough to drive, have a well paying job and have my own house. This dream and my social life get me through each day. I am slowly losing all imagination. Before my first year in secondary school(High school in america, I think), all I could think of was tree houses to make and games to play but now I'm in the rutine of get up, go to school, five days of this and then go to youth club, go to Kill disco, hopfully have a good weekend and meet some fine looking bird.

My other dream ,and that brings it to a total of three, is that one day I will build up the courage to ask the girl I like out, even if she says "No" it would an acheivement for me. Recently I have been slowly getting a bit more than friendly with a girl at the youth club but still no going out or anything.

These dreams will all be very hard to acheive, however, if I'm stuck in the same unimaginative rutine that is secondary school, primary school was alot better because there was an unexpected day ahead because we weren't expected to remember a time table or to do our homework. But anyhow thats just the way it goes and soon I'll be saying this about my office work replacing teachers with bosses.

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