A Lhankor Mhy priest character in one of the RuneQuest campaigns I played in. Through a series of quirks and coincidences, the librarian accumulated a collection of iron armor and weapons (including a steel Lightning Spear) that was the envy of the rest of the players, whose characters were all stout warriors. There was a common, yet stale gag about how the Iron Librarian would Lightning Bolt you if you made noise in the library.

Kallandri "The Iron Librarian" Longfeather: Civilized Sartarite Human Acolyte of Lhankor Mhy, Initiate of Zola Fel (subcult of "Cleansed One"). Divine magic: from Lhankor Mhy: 3x Analyze Magic, 1 each Mindlink, Spirit Block, Heal Wound, Translate, Worship Lhankor Mhy, Sanctify, Spellteach.
from Zola Fel: Summon Undine, Breathe Water.
from Storm Bull: Impede Chaos (reusable)
Hero spell: Lightning (3x, reusable, stackable, regain by standing outside in lightning storms)

Kallandri originated in the Zola Fel region, where he and his warrior comrades ("ahem, 'associates' ") were assigned to help some newtlings resist Lunar occupation. The newtlings taught him swimming, and some magic helpful for non-amphibians along the river. He adventured a little in Middle Earth, where he acquired his magical affinity for lightning.

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