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Demo tapes by the band Weezer. Possibly the oldest surviving recordings by them. At the time, the band consisted of Rivers Cuomo, Jason Cropper, Patrick Wilson, and Matt Sharp. The songs were recorded in Rivers's kitchen, and have fairly low sound quality. However, there are a few very good reasons to listen to The Kitchen Tapes. It's the only way to listen to how Weezer sounded back when Jason was still in the band (other than the single Jamie). It's also a chance to hear the early versions of songs later appearing on the group's self-titled debut, Weezer. Some are quite different, especially the solos, and some sound quite raw. As well as this, there are songs that haven't been recorded or played since. The listener can really see how the band has evolved.

Track Listing (songs released on The Blue Album are starred)
  1. Thief, You've Taken all that was Me
  2. My Name is Jonas*
  3. Let's Sew Our Pants Together
  4. Undone (The Sweater Song)*
  5. Paperface
  6. Say It Ain't So*
  7. Only in Dreams*
  8. The World Has Turned And Left Me Here*

Track listing taken from http://www.theweezersource.com

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