"We only wanted to have some fun." - Eugene Kelly

A short-lived Glasgow, Scotland band formed in 1986 due to drinking and boredom by Eugene Kelly and Frances McKee. Charles Kelly and James Seenan joined shortly thereafter to fill in the percussion and bass (respectively) positions. The band signed to the fledgling 53rd and 3rd label and released several singles before breaking up in 1990.

The Vaselines gained some newfound popularity in the early 90's due to the admiration of Kurt Cobain/Nirvana, who covered "Son of a Gun", and "Molly's Lips" on Incesticide and "Jesus Wants Me for a Sunbeam" on MTV's Unplugged. He also was influential in getting Sub Pop to release The Way of the Vaselines, a compilation of most (if not all) of the Vaselines' songs, in 1992. This album is the easiest Vaselines' recording to obtain and is available through CDNow and probably through Sub Pop as well (that's where I got my copy, albeit a few years ago).

"Godlike", "Underrated", you decide -- we were just having a good time. I suppose we should have spent more time in the rehearsal studio and less in the pub, but Hey! It's only Rock 'n Roll, but I like it. The Vaselines lived fast, died young and left a good looking back catalogue. I can't explain what it was all about because we were making it up as we went along. God bless you all, God Bless Les Paul.

-- Eugene Kelly, sleeve notes to All The Stuff and More...

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