Tales of the Blode is a fanciful, childish, and most of all disturbingly techno-laced internet cartoon, starring Blode, Food, Griblet, Hairy, and a variety of fucked up crabs. This twisted world of teletubbies-meets-a-rave style oddness is all crudely animated by Joel Veitch, who seems to have some unnatural attraction to crabs, but is still a very humorous guy.

As near as I can tell, there is utterly no premise to this entire cartoon, the basic point seems to just go random places with each new episode. Fanciful definitely describes the cartoon pretty darn well. But for some reason, it's still appealing, and is definitely a unique animation worth checking out.

Speaking of checking it out, check it out. www.rathergood.com
There are 5 episodes of Tales of the Blode up now, as well as a bunch of other weird things to amuse you:
"Tales of the Blode 1" which is the only Blode episode with no voices, features a zepplelin and a Nazi crab.
"Tales of the Blode 2: A trip to the seaside" introduces the character voices, most done by Joel Veitch himself, and features a vicious attack from the dreaded Woe Kitten.
"Tales of the Blode 3: Marmot Mayhem" is very silly, and showcases marmots, and a song about cleaning a musk ox.
"Tales of the Blode 4: Food Feed Fury" has a furtive polar bear who is powerless against the orange game.
"Tales of the Blode 5: Toad Turmoil" is a particularly short episode, in which a bunch of toads attack Food and Hairy transforms into Mighty Mzungu to save the day.
And now we have a fairly new-ish episode "Tales of the Blode 6: Attack of the Uber-Pea" where this big angry space vegetable runs amok and a viking-like dude saves the day.

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