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The autobiography of Brian Warner, better known as Marilyn Manson, lead singer and chief lyricist of the band of the same name (although orignially known as Marilyn Manson and the Spooky Kids).

It is co-written with Neil Strauss, who also writes for Rolling Stone and The New York Times.

The book traces the period from Manson/Warner's childhood to Antichrist Superstar and therefore, now, contains just over half of his career. It also contains a two-part, unpublished interview conducted for Empyrean Magazine, Manson's checklists for whether you are gay, a drug addict or committing adultery (in all cases, he has no problem with anyone being in these categories), a transcript of a conversation between Manson and Strauss over one of the chapters, a 1997 tour diary, some of Manson's early writing and fake affidavits distributed by the American Family Association. Said affidavits are extremely funny. Naked female guitarist? What female guitarist? OK, Twiggy Ramirez and Zim Zum are very feminine, but still...

The book is dedicated to Manson's parents: "To Barb and Hugh Warner. May God forgive them for bringing me into this world".

It is published by Plexus Publishing Limited in Britain, and ReganBooks in the USA, and cost me £12.99.

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