Also known as Q3DM17, The Longest Yard is a deathmatch map included with Quake III Arena. Many people (myself included) believe this to be one of the greatest deathmatch maps ever made. Pretty close to, if not, the deathmatch equivilant of Facing Worlds in that respect.

Q3DM17 is a space map. That is, it consists of a series of platforms hovering in a void. I will do my best to describe the map by each platform:

The Lower Level
Has +50 health powerups near the edges of the lower level. There is a "pyramid" of bounce pads in the middle of the lower level, which you can use to reach the upper level, the mega health which hovers high above the platform, or a hovering bounce pad that bounces you up to the Quad Damage platform.

There is a "runway" that extends from the lower level, below the middle part of the upper level. It widens a little at the end, where you will find a railgun ammo pack on either side of an accelerator pad. This is how you get to the rail platform.

The Upper Level
The upper level is a "u"-shaped deck that goes around the edges of the lower platform. It does not cover the side that the hovering bounce pad is on. On either of the side "arms", near the edge, is a Rocket Launcher and an ammo pack for it. There are also teleporters that take you to the middle segment, and bounce pads that let you reach the top level. The middle segment has a red armor powerup in the middle. All of the teleporters in the map spit you out right into that armor. This is a good place to stand if you want to get killed.

The Top Level
Two curved platforms above the side "arms" of the upper level, with accelerator pads that send you flying over the hovering bounce pad, through a bunch of armor shards, and eventually landing on the opposite platform. There is a shotgun and +50 health powerup on both of the platforms. The accelerator pads send you over the void, so be sure not to fall short of the other platform, or you will fall to your death.

The Rail Platform
This is a medium-sized platform quite some distance away from the others. The Railgun is in the middle of the platform, and there are accelerator pads on either side, facing the rest of the map. You will usually land on the upper level platform, if someone doesn't kill you mid-flight. DON'T camp on this platform, as one rocket can send you over the edge.

The Quad Damage Platform
This one is quite small, and hovers high above the rest of the map. You will find the Quad Damage and a teleporter here. If you're feeling cheap, you can rain quad rockets down on the rest of the map from here for a pretty long time, before someone gets a clear line of sight with the railgun and gibs your camping ass.

It's hard not to have fun in Q3DM17, whether you have 2 players or 16.

I know that nobody cares if it was originally a nodeshell, but it was.

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