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Possibly the best Capture the Flag map ever made for Unreal Tournament, or any other FPS for that matter. This map is simplicity itself. Two towering fortresses, with sniper nests on three levels face each other on a sloped field. Players charge the enemy fortresses and attempt to escape with the flag. It isn't as easy as it sounds. Recommended player number: 4 - 10, but we sometimes push it up to 14 or 16.

I've played this map too many times to count, so I will recount my strategy here. Uberfetus is a frequent opponent of mine on this map. We used to play UT with people on our floor.

The initial problem for this map is the abundance of sniper platforms. If you don't jump and weave like a maniac you'll probably get fragged within seconds of respawning, usually accompanied by a view of your own brains spilling on the ground (Head Shot!). Good sniping is a must in this level. If you don't snipe, at least you should try to clear the three levels of sniper nests before heading out.

Alright, let's just say all the snipers are dead and gone. You grab the rocket launcher, armor, and make a run up the hill. The second problem presents itself. As you past the top of the hill and run down toward the enemy fortress, the people you just killed and respawned are probably sitting there waiting for you, with sniper rifles zoomed in on your head. Bad idea. You must have backup. Preferably in the form of friendly snipers at home keeping them out of your way. Most of the time, they already had their heads blown off and you're a sitting duck. Ouch.

Once you actually grab the flag, you need to make a run for it. The best strategy I've found is if you grab their Redeemer, jump off the lowest ledge, and fire their own nuke back at them. You better have armor if you do this. Just don't vaporize yourself. It's risky, but it's the best way to score.

The final problem. As you run up the hill back to your own base, there will be angry snipers aiming at your glowing body. At this point, it is the best if your buddies got out of their sniper nests and gave you ground support. You'll be lucky if you make it over the top of the hill, but once you get over the hill you're pretty much home free. Jump and weave. The rocket launcher makes an excellent anti-sniper weapon here. Keep them on their toes.

I don't like Facing Worlds II. The design is poor compared to the gothic feel of the original. I must have played this map hundreds of times.

The great thing about this map is that you absolutely must work as a team. Anything else is suicide. You need to assign snipers to different areas, eg. the enemy respawn area, the enemy sniper decks, the enemy side of the battlefield, and the friendly side of the battlefield. You need to assign one or two good close-range people to the inside of the friendly base. And once you've done that, you need to assign the best people you possibly can to attack. It's incredibly hard to cap (even against bots), but damn, if you're at a lan party when it happens, you'll probably be deafened by all the cheering. Thoroughly recommended.

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