An area in Washington, D.C., apparently considered a unit of measure by the CIA. Several small islands, governed as U.S. Territories, are described in the CIA World Factbook in part by their size relative to the Mall.

Also a place with lots of stores selling lots of expensive shit in very close proximity, where lots of teenagers tend to hang out. 95% of stores in a mall seem to sell overpriced designer clothing, so the signal-to-noise ratio is very poor.

A very wide, straight avenue in central London, a little under a mile long, leading from Trafalgar Square to Buckingham Palace. Uniquely among London roads the tarmac is a pink colour, and on big State occasions or during visits from overseas VIPs The Mall will normally be closed to traffic and lined with sightseers, while assorted Royals and other dignitaries parade up the road in horse-drawn carriages. If there's one thing that Britain can still do well, it's put on a show involving pomp and splendour.

A walk along The Mall can be quite pleasant in summer as the road is wide enough that you're not drenched in traffic fumes (unlike most of the rest of London) and you're also close to the prettiest of the Royal Parks, St. James's. As well as seeing Trafalgar Square you'll also pass underneath Admiralty Arch, walk past the Institute of Contemporary Arts, past the three royal residences of Marlborough House, St. James's Palace and Clarance House before coming to the Queen Victoria Memorial in front of Buckingham Palace.

Hmm that was cool. I may be inspired to node more London walks/landmarks.

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