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A hard rock band from Adelaide, Australia, The Mark Of Cain are definitely an underrated band of the hard rock scene. They're toured with the likes of Henry Rollins and have released four albums and many singles and EPs. Absolutely worth checking out if you're a fan of bands like Sevendust and Drowning Pool.

Current Lineup:


The band formed in 1984 with brothers John Robert Scott and Kim Donald Scott on guitars and bass, Rod Archer on vocals and Roger Crisp on drums. In 1986, John took over vocals and John Rickert became the new drummer. Their first release was the single The Lords Of Summer/Can You See Now?, which was released in 1988. 1989 saw the release of their first full-length release, Battlesick, through Dominator Records. In 1990, the band released Unclaimed Prize. 1991 saw the arrival of new drummer Aaron Hewson. During the period 1992-4, The Mark Of Cain toured throughout Australia and supported many well-known bands as well as releasing Incoming (1993), Viet Vet (1994) and the re-release of their first two albums.

In 1995, the band released the single First Time/Details and then the Henry Rollins-produced album Ill At Ease. The album was hugely successful and the band embarked on a national tour. The year also marked the departure of drummer Aaron Hewson and the rejoining of Campbell Robinson to replace him. The single LWA was released in early 1996, followed by the remix album Rock And Roll which was another success. 1997 kicked off with more national dates, non-mainstream success and plenty of airplay. The Mark Of Cain's popularity increased further with the recording of a cover of the X's1 Degenerate Boy for the movie Idiot Box. A single from the Rock And Roll remix album, Interloper, was released and contained five different tracks. 1997 was also the year drummer Campbell Robinson left the band.

In November 1998, The Mark Of Cain re-released all of their albums, which were remastered and distributed through BMG. A box set, The Complete Recordings 88-98 was released in parallel. Also in the year was the recruitment of the band's 11th drummer, Stuart Baguley, and a national tour later in the year. In 2000, The Mark Of Cain began recording their latest album, This Is This, with ex-Helmet drummer John Stanier. Produced by Phil McKeller and Andy Gill, the album was released in early June 2001. Two singles from the album, (R) Retaliate and Familiar Territory, were released before the album.


Full-Length Albums

The Mark Of Cain - http://www.tmoc.com.au

1. Thanks to sneff for the correction. It is, in fact, X and not "The X".

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