The New York Howl is a thunderously heavy art metal soul project violently fronted by Andrew Katz. The band was formed in August 2005, in the simmering cauldron of New York's Art Star scene. Since that time the band has tagged half the city, toured the south of England, and released a self-produced album called People Will Come To See Us Ride.

Some additional info for the curious or uninitiated:

Mr. Katz shares songwriting duties with Brer Brian, the infamous subway busker and lounge lizard road warrior.

Drumming duties in the band are covered by Adam Amram, the son of David Amram, a jazz composer who, among other things, collaborated with Jack Kerouac and studied first-hand the popular rhythms of post-revulutionary Cuba.

Horn-arrangements are handled by Mr. Zeniuk, a prolific composer in his own right.

In March of 2007, the band will tour the South, (of America,) record and release another album called "Now We Are Strange", and document the process on a series of psychedelic four-track recordings.

"If the creek does not rise", offers Mr. Brian.

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