The Nodermeet On Which the Sun Never Sets 2006 - London Legs

Part the First: Plume of Feathers, Greenwich

Twelve Noon, 2nd September 2006

Pictures here:

Having been frightened by the weather forecast, we diverted from our original plan for a huge sprawling picnic in Greenwich. Instead, we visited the excellent public house, The Plume of Feathers. Amongst its other charms, it lies right on the Prime Meridian- a fitting spot for a big nodermeet about time.

I was the first to arrive, as I often am. I discovered a quiet pub, with a well-spoken barman, and a handful of locals with dogs. Over the next wee while, arrived (in no particular noder):

Things proceeded much as pub-based britnodermeets often do. Nonsense was talked, beer was supped and the state of e2 was appraised. Topics of conversation included superbrained fruit flies, breadfruit, fruit flies eating breadfruit, rawk music, TV comedy, international affairs and breakfast. Fry-ups were ordered. Chunky chips were consumed.

But this was no ordinary nodermeet- the point of the exercise was to reach out beyond our shores and touch other nations. So at about 5.30pm, we tried to give shaogo a ring. Embarrassingly, my own phone refused to play ball and dear LPM provided hers. Shaogo answered first time and we spoke for some minutes, gabbering excitedly over the speakerphone and having a quick individual greet per-person. Some of the locals joined us as we cried "good-bye!".

Then we staggered out to Greenwich Park and sat on a fetching red rug, clustered around the phone. We called alex and the "There goes the neighborhood! 2: Unfinished Business" posse. This was a much more excitable set of conversations. We began by waking our host, who apparently stumbled about in the nip for a bit. Eventually we seemed to get put through to the party room, and were immediately placed on speaker phone. Much whooping and hollering ensued, and we spoke to a great many noders in quick succession.

Temporarily sated, we staggered to our homes via the world's slowest roller-coaster.

Part the Second: Regent's Park

25 Hours Later


I awoke to bright sunshine, and after a bit of phoning and msging around, it was decided that we'd go for a picnic. I rustled up some quesadillas and hit the tube. Most of the tube was working, but not ones near the park. Nevertheless, a smattering of noders pitched up to enjoy the intermittent glorious sunshine.

Attendees this time included and were limited to:

We enjoyed a few beers, snacks, etc. And then spoke to kohclass's parents, and left a voice message for montecarlo. Dusting our hands off, we blundered home, ready to node another day.

A few final words

A big thanks to all who took part- it was great to cement our local friendships further and to hear the voices of so many others from around the world. NEXT TIME I'll try to start the planning earlier. Two words- "video link"!

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