Back in the UK Again: Yet Another Informal London Nodermeet

Or, I'm not in Illinois now and they can't get to me!

One day (actually, lots of days) I was sitting around home here in the central Illinois village in which we live, bemoaning the fact that there’s little to do here other than wave at people driving by on their riding mowers or listen to the snow fall. Of course, hangin' out on E2 helps, but that still doesn't get me outta the house. Then I got a bright idea (it’s been known to happen).

Time to go somewhere, get away from the snow and the cold and the utter boredom in central Illinois for just a few days, maybe even a week. Somewhere far, where my work cell phone is guaranteed not to work. But where? Then I realized it’d been over five years since I set foot in possibly the greatest city on Earth. Time to go back, I thought. Back for another visit to London! A quick surf to and, come 15th March, I’m off! I shall return to the land of Doctor Who, flapjack, dear old Russell Square, and ... hordes of Britnoders!

Along with the afore-mentioned purpose of this expedition, I've got another mission: to meet as many noders as I can! So, I consulted the source, probed the nodegel, and had some high-level consultations with that witty raconteur and man-about-town, our own Wertperch, and got (wouldja believe) another bright idea: a mini-meet!



WHEN: Friday, 19 March 2004 (C'mon out you lot, it's a Friday after all!)

WHERE: Where else? The Bricklayer’s Arms (affectionately known to the trade as The Britnoder’s Arms), 31 Gresse Street, London (said to be off Rathbone Place, with the nearest tube being Tottenham Court Road). I can find it ‘cause I’ve got my trusty London A-Z handy (a book that seems to be unknown to so many of my fellow Merkins).

TIME: Well, I’ll be there around 18:00, and likely remain there until closing or they kick us out (whichever comes first!).

WHO: You, of course, and as many noders and their fans as we can get . Besides, once I get a few drinks into me, I’m usually easily persuaded to (1) buy drinks, and (2) tell you anything you want to know (think the "Kitty" character from the Victoria Wood sketches). I may even attempt to drink a pint of bitters again (haven't succeeded so far).

WHAT: Witty conversation (I'm half-armed for that), drinkin', pub grub, and whatever else goes on at these pub-based nodermeets.

SO, if you’re up for a meetup with an Anglophile noder that doesn’t have to have most British terms explained to him (thank you, BBC America!), /msg me and upon the list you shall go! (I think I got everything right here - if not, /msg me with suggestions!)

And yes, people in our town actually do ride around on their mowers. Fun, eh?


Them as will be there:

  • Spiregrain most definitely
  • Andrew Aguecheek is an almost certainly, with perhaps a non-noder!
  • Tiefling, most certainly
  • StrawberryFrog is hoppin' over
  • JodieK is now definite!
  • RalphyK too!
  • Catchpole will be seen
  • Fondue is a probably!
  • Booyaa, of course!
  • Sekicho may bring some non-noders as well!
  • a scar faery will be there, if mysterious "stuff" permits!
  • BaronWR needs crash space!!
  • Wiccanpiper (I believe the term is "erstwhile host")
  • Gritchka occasionally lurks
  • Darl may well be in attendance!
  • NEXT?

  • A late-breaking news flash:

  • Wertperch will be there after all, and needs crash space!.
  • .............................................................

    Ye gads, that trip to London was fun. The nodermeet was the best part. Thanks, y'all!

    Pics are now up at

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