The Perfect Geek Compound does not exist, that is to my knowledge. It would be housed in a missile silo. It would have an OC-Mobius-Strip connection, RAID housings, a Cray or two, a Beowulf Cluster, and Deep Thought. It would be the dream of all computer geeks/nerds/hackers. It would be in a missile silo, because I do not know why, it's that when I grok it, it feels right. If you think you can add to this please do.

Note Noded after li's post: I am more meaning that we need more geek compounds, and this is more of an idealist thought to be perfect. I am more trying to have a romantic aspect with atmosphere.
The Perfect Geek Compound exist. And frankly if SB5 get cracking SB5 would have one to hang out at too. The only tough part about a geek compound is fulfilling its goals (mainly to hack a good hack) and inviting the right people (people who want to hack) to chip in the brainshare and hardware. For me, a geek compound is not necessary, just special interest housing/geek housing will do--I like my view of the sky. Missile silos? No thanks. It isn't really the size that counts because hacker's have the need to build tiny simple embeddible machines as much as they need a 5 million dollars unix server donation. It's really what you learn from the experience and having fun that counts. Two guys with all the computational/networking capability of the USA in their little cave does not make a geek compound--it makes two over-worked system administrators though. I think geek housing is about community, sense of family and love. That's what keeps the people coming back. An incomplete (tell me and i'll add it) list of real geek compounds:

See the geek house, geek house, Geek Compound, the Internet (counts as a distributed geek housing initiative don't ja think?) and farming.

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