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The politics of Dancing is a DJ mix CD from German superstar Paul van Dyk.

It is obvious that PvD loves his job. In the liner notes on this album he writes passionately about the importance of the dance music culture as a whole, which has been largely forgotten of late according to Mr van Dyk. The music is of course the heart and soul of this so called youth culture and PvD promotes this musically by remixing most of the tracks on the album himself.

The first disc is smooth yet energetic - the kind of music you would expect at the start of the night (in a club). Disc 2 is all about high energy trance and consists of harder, faster and more climactic tracks than disc 1.

  1. Digital Reason- Ashtrax
  2. Innocence- Joker Jam
  3. First- Private Taste
  4. Feeling Good- Jimpy
  5. Vega- Paul Van Dyk
  6. TBC.- Southern Comfort
  7. Iio - Rapture (Tastes So Sweet)
  8. So Alive- Sippin Soma
  9. Killin' Me- Timo Maas
  10. B.W.Y.- Maja Na Damu
  11. Elevation- U2
  12. Autumn- Paul Van Dyk
  13. Cristalle- Viframa
  14. Furthermost- Solicitus
  15. Four Days- Subsky
  16. Empire- Second Sun
  17. Out There- Paul Van Dyk
  1. Shout C'mon - Sagitaire
  2. Epic Monolith - Micro De Govia
  3. Massive - Ralphie B
  4. Questions Must Be Asked - David Forbes
  5. Activity - Way Out West
  6. Interference - Connector
  7. Secrets & Lies - Blank & Jones
  8. Reach Me - Lexicon 4
  9. Reset - Jamnesia
  10. Into The Night - 4 String
  11. Let's Go - Activex
  12. In Progress - Signum
  13. Section 0 - Walter & Gelder
  14. Club Attack - Solid Sleep
  15. Starchildren - Guardian of the Earth
  16. Dreamland - Nu-NRG

Make no mistake boys and girls, this is a trance mix. If you like trance music you'll like this, if not...well obviously you won't. The politics of dancing was released in 2001 through Ministry of Sound.

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