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An indie/emo band from Milwaukee. i spent 2 hours on a writeup for them, and netscape crashed. someday, when i have the energy, i'll rewrite this. sorry.

The Players:
Scott Schoenbeck - Bass
Dan Didier - Drums
Jason Gnewikow - Guitar
Davey vonBohlen - Vocals, guitar

Falsetto Keeps Time 7" - Jade Tree Records, 1996
The Promise Ring/Texas is the Reason split 7" - Jade Tree Records, 1996
30 Degrees Everywhere CD/LP - Jade Tree Records, 1996
The Horse Latitudes CD EP - Jade Tree Records, 1996
Nothing Feels Good CD/LP - Jade Tree Records, 1997
Boys & Girls CD Single/7" - Jade Tree Records, 1998
Very Emergency CD/LP - Jade Tree Records, 1999
Wood/Water CD/LP - Anti Records, 2002

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