Thanks to Al Goldstein, the unbelievably low class publisher of a New York prostitute guide and cheap porn mag, Screw! those of us in New York were able to purchase The Illustrated Guide to the Ken Starr Report. (I bought ten of them to give to my grandchildren - when they get old enough, of course. This is going to be a collectible one day!) The illustrated guide was exactly like the normal report, only some comic artist had been hired to draw a naked anatomically correct Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky performing every sexual act detailed in the report - up to and including the cigar act. Goldstein, who is quite opinionated, at one point said something along the lines of "I get to show up the Republicans as a pack of sex-starved hypocrites, mock the Democrats and the President as a lecherous monkey, make a lot of money doing it, and I don't have to pay anyone for the copyright because I'm distributing a government document in the public domain! I love America!" (I don't swear that these were his exact words, but that's the general gist of it.)

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