1978 white supremacist science fiction novel, written by William Pierce under the pseudonym of Andrew Macdonald. Portrays the violent overthrow of the Federal Government and the systematic killing of Jews and non-whites in order to establish an "Aryan" world. Thought to have inspired Timothy McVeigh and members of The Order. Mentioned in Oliver Stone's film Talk Radio.

In addition to The Turner Diaries, William Pierce has also written Hunter (in which a drive-by shooter is glorified for assasinating interracial couples and Jews) and hosts a regular radio show called "American Dissident Voices".

In some far-right groups, The Turner Diaries are actually viewed as a book of prophecy, similar to the Book of Revelations in the Bible. It is believed that when James Byrd Jr. was tied to the back of a pickup truck and dragged to death down the roads of Texas, one of his murderers said to his compatriots, "We have to get The Turner Diaries started early."

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