The official name of "University of Alabama" (the "the" is capitalized and oddly enough part of the name of the school. I find this somewhat like copyrighting a letter or word, nevertheless, the official name stands) which is actually a group of three universities situated in Tuscaloosa - the main campus, Birmingham - the main medical campus, and Huntsville.

The U. of A. is a state school offering the full spectrum of classes.

Personally, the best thing about UA-Tuscaloosa is the New College Program.

Famous graduates: * Edward O. Wilson

more to come...

Other famous graduates of the University of Alabama include:

Joe Namath

Timothy Leary BA Psychology 1943;

Sela Ward BA Art and Advertising 1977.

By the way, if one says "The University of Alabama" it is assumed that one is referring to the campus in Tuscaloosa (no one ever says "UA Tuscaloosa"). The others are referred to as UAB (The University of Alabama at Birmingham) and UAH (The University of Alabama at Huntsville).

The best things about The University of Alabama do not include New College, but rather the Culverhouse College of Commerce and Business Administration, which is nationally ranked, and the medical school at UAB, whose cardiology unit is known world wide and whose hospital receives generous federal and private research funding.

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