Once again, we have an indication of Eliot's fascination with indecision and mental paralysis. Consider the wording: "The awful daring of a moment's surrender." What is so awful about taking a chance on life? I would have said, "The wonderful daring of a moment's surrender!" But then, Eliot most likely chose his wording to highlight the difficulty of making even the simple choices of daily life - let alone the weighty matters which the thunder would be contemplating.

If you fall you will become more human, and, depending on who you are, this may or may not be a good thing. Of course, if you become more human, you may have to get used to falling.

A moment's surrender is a tricky thing, not to be attempted by the faint of heart.

what have we given? My friend,

blood shaking my heart
                                                                The awful daring of a moment's surrender

Which an age of prudence can never retract

By this, and this only, we have existed  ..... not to be found in our obituaries



Looking back we seek truth

verisimilitude;  fidelity to the moment 


This was a turning point,

the beginning of a series of turning points


When did we finally yes 

after so many months of saying not a single word?  


What internal springs set things in motion?

a glance- a fingertip,  hands and arms and then years


An age of prudence can never retract

thank God it is so 

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