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A small, but impressionable cartoon short on Comedy Central's new late night show, TV Funhouse, written by Robert Smigel.

The first TBTIATGOM aired during the very first episode of TV Funhouse and to this date hasn't made a return in a later episode.

The short featured a baby, an immigrant, and a guy on mushrooms. Throughout the cartoon, they would be placed in very interesting, sometimes hazardous situations in which all three of them would repeatedly say...

or "Whoaaa..."

...each of them awe-struck at what they see; the baby because its the first time he/she has seen anything, the immigrant because what he sees is obviously new to him in this new country, and the guy on mushrooms because he's tripping pretty hard.

Not really funny enough for a serious belly laugh, but entertaining enough to sit through once or twice, or await a new episode.

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