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Recently, my boss traveled and asked me (being the closest living employee) to go to his house once in a while and feed his cats.

Being a cat-lover myself, I didn't perceive this task as a burden, but rather as a chance to play with the cats without having the boss around.

On the first day, everything went perfect. The cats were hungry as I had expected. I fed them and went back home.

On my second visit (every other day), I noticed a big rat in the house (the cats were playing with it). Momentarily alarmed by my presence, the cats let the rat run and hide under the stove. I even tried to remove the rat from there, but it didn't work.

Third visit: No signs of the rat. No signs of one of the cats. Uh oh...

Fourth (and last) visit: No signs of the rat or any of the cats. UH OHHHH!!

I called my boss straight away and said "Look, your cats have disappeared!". His immediate concern was "I'm a dead man! My wife is gonna kill me!".

He came back on the next day, very concerned about his wife's reaction to the fact. He chose not to let her know and come up with some good explanation when they got home.

On that same day, I got a call on the cellphone. He said "I can breathe now! Can you believe the cats just popped up from nowhere the moment my wife opened the front door?"

We sighed in relief...

Bottom line: Cats are cool, but sometimes, they really suck...


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