In many ways, our perception of reality is our reality. The monsters in the closet of a five year old do exist for that child, at that time; and your fears of being mugged as you walk down that darkened street arouse a primal response that is as real as the real thing.

It is the same with society as a whole, the moral code we vote for together with the actuality of the ideas is different geographically worldwide, and culture's imprint on the individual forms more of the makeup of that individual than they often care to admit.

Your style, your very personality was determined during the most pliable years of your brain, between birth and about age five. Your experiences during those years made you who you are today. It is chiefly the parents that control what their child becomes. It's so far beyond your control that it's almost impossible to enact any significant change. You is what you is.

If you take a child and begin desensitizing it to violence you will end up with an adult who is not sensitive to violence. Regular exposure to anything will make it seem ordinary, heat or cold, and thought as well, such as what is wrong or right. If you are brought up in a society against any pre-marital relationships, then it is completely out of the question. This leads to the issue of cross cultures. What happens when you change cultures, by moving overseas? At a young age, this can create severe confusion, or misunderstanding. However, once the person gains perspective, they have potential to become one of the most substantially 'wise' people, with a double angle on everything that gives a profound advantage over the rest of use who have never left Iowa. In Japan, for example, it is taboo to show affection in public. It is fascinating to watch people from other cultures experiencing the phenomenen known as culture shock, even more fun to experience it.

Thanx for inspiration to: Syl.V & FFFish

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