and the four right chords could make me cry
and that would be all right,
all right

Semi-Charmed Kind of Life-Third eye Blind

Martha was driving her mother's old van across town, tapping on the open window clicking her five rings (one for each finger on her left hand) against the chrome. Soft voice-

and the four eyed girl could me cry, and that would be alllllllllll-right..allllllright..

Heather interrputed, telling her that the lyrics were incorrect-correcting her. Martha stared out the window, ignoring her until the song was over then looking over a her with a long stare.

M- I know the right lyrics, OK? I was singing about you- 'k? You are that four eyed girl.
H- (blushing) oh, well, ...
M- Life doesn't always have to fit, you know? Sometimes things can just be loose, unfocused and that's OK. You need to just let things be disconnected even though it makes you uncomfortable. Don't you think?

Long silence, the radio moved onto to a series of commercials.

Heather pulled her knees up to her chest and set her chin on them. Thinking, wondering how to fix the bruise she just caused. As the van pulled into the mall parking lot Martha slammed the gear shift into park & turned off the ignition. More silence.

Heather, (eyes moist, whispering)-I want it to be perfect, that's all, I just want it to be as perfect as it can be.

Heather took a quick glance over at Martha who had a hand on her shoulder now, as she pulled a few strands of hair behind one of Heather's ears.

Martha: But see it's not perfect, we are not perfect at all. We are so completely flawed.

That's why I love you, that's why it's so powerful, because it is not the way it should be. It's all wrong ...

A strong embrace and all bruises, real and imagined, disappeared.


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