the girl next door is usually a sweet and down to earth girl with very natural good looks and a shy but somewhat sensuoss demeanor. While I have no idea where this myth developed, it is forever embedded in American Culture and takes it's place happily besides apple pie, sunday cruises, and boys will be boys.

A documentary about life in the porn industry by filmmaker Christine Fugate. Fugate follows rising porn star Stacy Valentine around from early 1997 to late 1998, tracking Valentine's career from her signing with an agent to winning the Hot D'Or for Best American Starlet in Cannes.

The film is unique, in that it takes a very personal look into Valentine's life, and gives the real story about what goes on on a porn set, unlike glamorized fictionalizations like Boogie Nights, or outright lies that you might hear from Adult Video News or feminist opponents of porn. Everyone, Valentine included, treats the actress like a glamourized piece of meat on bendable wires. We see her work her way through freezing night shoots, humiliating autograph signings, a combination liposuction/breast reduction surgery, (she came into the business with out-of-proportion implants), collagen implants for her lips, a night of prostitution with a wealthy French fan, and a rocky relationship with Julian, a male performer whose only thing in common with Valentine is the fact that he is also in the industry.

A must-see for anyone who likes to watch porn, in the same sense that The Jungle is a must-read for anyone who likes to eat hot dogs. Squeamish viewers will be pleased to know that although the documentary is about an X-rated business, Fugate places her camera angles so that there is always something blocking any actual penetration. However, the surgery is shown in all its gory glory. Leave the kids at home.

The website for the movie is at

This is a phrase that can be used to to describe a female, and her physical proximity to someone. Or it refers to a common, familiar quality to a girl, be it physical, or personality-based.

Also a short lived television show, on the FX channel (Fox's cable station). It was a "beauty contest", where girls sent in home videos of themselves to be votes on, and showed on TV.

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