There aren't any!

But here's why: The FDA keeps approving research projects left and right, and Uncle Sam keeps telling the Universities and scientists they can't do the research (because it means allowing some people to smoke pot for science!).

However, I did dig up some stats on where the current research has and hasn't gotten, so at least you can tell people who spout pseudo-science at you to shut the fuck up.

There's been no official research on the effects of marijuana on arthritis, tendonitis, depression, and a lot of other stuff. Unofficially, quite a lot of people claim that it fixes or helps all these things, and just the same number claim that it causes them. But there is chemical evidence that cannabinoids may contain anti-inflammatories (explaining why it helps arthritis, etc.], and may help to ease the symptoms of depression, though nobody claims to know why.

A study was recently completed which tested the addictive properties and withdrawal symptoms of marijuana--of COURSE Uncle Sam would allow THAT--and the results are downright funny.
Only heavy, long-term smokers were reported to have physical withdrawal. Mind you, to qualify as a long-term heavy smoker, you had to a) have smoked an average of a doobie a day for at least five years, and b) have smoked more than 5,000 times. (5,000 times is once a day for thirteen years.) Of course, the headlines of the project screamed "MARIJUANA IS ADDICTIVE!", and then the text below went on to explain, "Well, the symptoms were mild and only lasted 28 days...". As I said, it was funny. But their punchline, which I should at least give lip service to, was that after smoking like a fiend most of your life, you will experience moderate to mild withdrawal, and the symptoms come from the same part of your brain that handles withdrawal from heroin and crack...and chocolate and The X-Files, for that matter.

Oh, and I actually read several--meaning MORE THAN ONE--websites claiming that pot caused undue aggression in its users. Don't worry, none of the legitimate sites said that, but STILL.

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