It was a cold winter night and a college student was hungry. It was because of this that he decided to go and order a pizza from the local Dominos. He got out his coupon and dialed the phone number. The coupon was for a pizza with a topping and drinks, but the college student wanted not such fancy toppings and asked the man on the phone for only cheese.

After this intercourse the dough was spun and the beginnings of the life of the cheese pizza had begun. The newly born pizza was naked and cold and cried out for toppings for warmth. The unscrupulous dominos chef said to the pizza. "You're a cold pizza, aren't you? You want warmth and covering? I'll give you just that!"

The chef smothered the pizza with a blanket of cheese. The pizza was now warm but could not breath. As it was gasping for the chef exclaimed with a vicious laugh "Warm enough for you?" to which the pizza desperately replied "Mmmmmph!!!!" The pizza chef knew the pizza was warm enough and could not breath but pretended otherwise. "Still not warm enough, I see," he chuckled as he shoved the pizza into the smoldering oven. The pizza became hotter and hotter and whimpered in agony as it was slowly cooked from the inside out. As it was half way down the small, metallic conveyer belt inside the oven it let out one final "sizzle" and died.

But the story does not end there, you see. The Dominos staff has no respect for their dead entrees. They took the pizza's corpse and cut it into 8 pieces before putting it in its cardboard coffin gleefully decorated with the dominos logo. It was then delivered. As for the body, it was lovingly cremated in the innards of student that had ordered it.

The college student was hungry and givith. The college student was hungry and taketh away.

Based on a true story

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