An additional or supplementary foodstuff added to the top (hence the name) or a primary dish. Most commonly used to refer to pizza ("Deep Pan with all the toppings!") or ice cream ("Mmm . . . chocolate sprinkles . . .").

Top"ping (?), a.


Rising above; surpassing.


Hence, assuming superiority; proud.

The great and flourishing condition of some of the topping sinners of the world.


Fine; gallant. [Slang] Johnson.


© Webster 1913

Top"ping, n.


The act of one who tops; the act of cutting off the top.

2. (Naut.)

The act of raising one extremity of a spar higher than the other.

3. pl.

That which comes from hemp in the process of hatcheling.

Topping lift (Naut.), a large, strong tackle employed to raise or top the end of a gaff, or of a boom.


© Webster 1913

Top"ping, n. (Angling)

The tail of an artificial fly.


© Webster 1913

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