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The minute of silence

In Virginia schools, this coming school year, a new law will be put into effect. This law requires students to be silent for one minute every morning. This minute can be used for silent prayer, collecting your mind, or just catching up on lost sleep. It may seem harmless to some, but is it infringing on serperation of church and state?

Some people think that this minute is a way on sneaking prayer into public schools. They think kids will be uncomfortable when they think they should pray, even if they don't want to. This could lead to problems, and could eventually lead to actual prayer in school. They believe that there should not be a minute of silence every morning.

Other people, however, think that the minute will be beneficial to kids, and will help them with their studies. They think it will give kids time to think or pray when they normally don't have time. They also think it will help kids collect themselves, and cool down, which relieves tension, and controls rage in students.

The next school year is approaching, and what will become of this new rule? Is it right? Or is it infringing on old policy? What do you think?

Proof that the people working towards prayer in school have a brain in their head. It won't get them what they want in the next year, but it's moving in that direction. First, they get people used to the idea of a time, in school, where all the kids can be silent. Then they ask "why not bring in a text of their choice to read during that time?" Then, "why not have groups of kids read their choice of religous text with each other?" Etc, etc.

My big question is why the hell can't the kids pray at recess, during lunch, after school, before school...If they and their parents believe that strongly, they can make time to do it. Just because there isn't a "prayer time" in school doesn't mean the kids can't pray.

Obviously the above have never attended a Virginia public school.

I've been sitting through that boring little minute since 2nd grade and it never bothered me (this is coming from an atheist). In fact, I was surprised when I found out this was a Virginia thing, I just assumed all schools started the day with a minute of silence. It gets often loud, overcrowded classrooms to shut up for a minute, how is that a bad way to start the day?

I now keep up with the news, flicking from CNN to Fox and back, and haven't heard of any movement to "add" anything to the minute of silence. People who actually want to pray during it can and are happy with that (though they must keep it to themselves, I have yet to hear of anyone actually praying at that time). I personally sit and read or see if I can hold my breath for the whole thing (I can easily). It's only religious if you make it.

I think this is one of those things that is made out to be a lot more than it is, like "under God" in the pledge and "in God we trust" on our money. Sure, it's annoying, but is it really affecting you that much you have to whine about it? Is this any better than certain religions keeping gays from getting married because they don't like it? If it's not hurting you, leave it alone.

Another reason the minute of silence will never turn into school-lead prayer, is simply because of the religious people who want it. They'll never be able to agree on a particular book or prayer, the minute of silence is probably a compromise among them and is as far as they'll get.

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