The night was alive, and so was I.

"Maybe I should go."
"Maybe, it's gotta be like four", I say. "You want me to walk you back?"
"That'd be good."

My nightly walk with my more than friend. Outside, that breath of fresh city air. Comforting and urban; beaten and made to march to the same beat.

A squirrel. Why. What is he doing up. I'd bet they all feel it too; the same dance, the same beat. Something's alive. A warmth, an energy. Not an evil, but unnatural. Is it God. I hope not, I didn't mean to litter this afternoon.

"What's the matter." she poses.
"A little voice mentions that something's wrong" I say.
"I can hear it too."

Then I see them; people, everywhere. The heartbeat of the city is loud tonight.

In my mind I kiss her goodnight. Long and silent, our lips brush, mingle in delicate warmth. My arm instead gives the casual wave, and to watch her eyes dream the same. This is always the quietest time for me. Never alone tonight; the night is around, and the people who only hear it mutter to them.

The sky is scary, maybe that's why no one can sleep; we've always been captivated by the clouds. So red, abright dawn on fire. A star is dying somewhere, but not here. Half an hour gone, sill in that trance. Out of breath and body, I head back to my place. Put the key in, turn it, and watch.

People the streets, looking at the sky. I knew this voice before, but it's loud to them. Not tonight, because there has to be a tomorrow. Listen all of you, this is what you should hear every day. Don't ignore it. I know you will. Time for your looking glass.

Maybe we aren't all as disconnected as we think.

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