Of all the poems my friend TJ has written, and she has written hundreds, this one is my favorite. It's been framed and hanging on my wall for years. I won't attempt to explain it I think it speaks for itself beautifully. (posted with permission)

The Perfect Gift

Of all the gifts we share in life, have
you ever thought of time?
It can't be wrapped or held as such, this
rare gift of yours and mine
So precious are it's hours...few seconds
should time spare
On anything but happiness for
people everywhere
Time is such a mystery, it measures
us in years
Each moment would bring us pleasure
to filled for any tears
If I could wrap each second, minute
hours too
I'd tie them all in ribbon and give each
one to you
If time were picked like flowers I'd
pick a large bouquet
To give you each morning to brighten
up your day
On such a rare occasion it's pleasure
not be there
You could sprinkle it with teardrops
and throw it in the air
If time was all around us there'd be
flowers in it's place
to gather together and bring a smile
back to your face
And little would be wasted if time
were flowers still
'cause when it passed to quickly you
could pick some more at will
But neither gifts nor flowers is time
that passes by
Without the joy of living until
the day we die
So please remember always to give
each day your best
And fill each waking moment with
love and happiness

TJ 2/3/1993

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