It was something that when I was younger that I almost aspired to. It's the kind of thing that elderly relatives say!
"ooh that girl, she's going to be a real heartbreaker when she grows up".

I remember talking to friends about love and wanting to have the power to break someone's heart but of course I wouldn't actually do it but it would be nice to think that I could.

Now I'm older, I have done it. Twice. And I know it's the worst kind of power in the world. To watch a man crumble before you. To actually see the heartbreak in his eyes. To watch the strongest of men cry in your arms.

The first was my first love and nothing with ever be as gut-wrenching as my heart broke too in the process; I still remember the time, the place, the smell of him and the sound of our tears; the second hurt my heart less but my head more as the weeks of building up to it numbed me to my pain so I could focus on his and deal with his emotions.

I've got the power to make people smile and I've even made people hysterical with laughter but the power to break a heart is one that I'd sooner exchange.

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