I knew that I was not making her happy. I was content, there was no doubt about that, I had my home, my castle, my career, the club, etc. But she was not happy. She would not talk about it and denied it all, but I knew, I could tell.

She stopped her bridge game, stopped coming out to the club for dinner after my 18 holes, just stopped a whole bunch of things. I truly didn't know what the whole idea was, and she wasn't talking.

I went out of town on business and on the way home brought her some flowers and a vase. She accepted them with a smile, but no "thank you" no hug, nothing more. I kept thinking that there would some recognition of it, but there wasn't it.

My sister-in-law said she would talk to her, which she did, but she came back with some nonsense about "finding herself" and "becoming her own self," like Judith was some college aged flower child or some such nonsense. I asked her if there was something I could do and she said "no" and I told her that it would be OK, but it wasn't.

Weeks went by and it was the same thing, over and over, I was living alone, basically, and she was just sort of there.

Then one day last week I came home and she had just packed up and moved out. Left that queer little note and just left. No food in the fridge, no preparations, just up and left.

Well, you can imagine my surprise. I was really stunned, I'll tell you. I was just speechless. I tried to reach her at a dozen places and couldn't and after that I just drove around, not knowing what to do. When I got home and found her in the house, ("I guess she had forgotten some jewlery or something") I confronted her. She started yelling and one thing led to another.

So, yes, that's right, that's when I shot her. I know it's terrible. It's a terrible thing. Damn queer note, I'll tell you that. Do you know what it means?

nodeshell from heaven

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