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In the world we live in, it's not enough to be healthy.
Some day, you might be self-conscious about your appearance.
It's not enough to have a flat stomach -- you'll always need washboard abs.
When your stomach that's chiseled out of stone grows old, you're going to need 17 inch biceps.
Your arms are never going to be big enough, you'll always want a 50" chest.

In the world we live in, it's not enough to be happy.
Sooner or later, enough will never be enough.
The law of diminishing marginal utility will render all things useless.
A kick-ass friend isn't enough, you need to hold that person close.
A significant other isn't enough, you need to lie naked with them.
A lover won't fulfill you because you hurt the ones you love.
Happily married isn't on your list of daily wants and needs -- a mistress is what you need. Soon, the new spitfire in your life will be the lost love of yesterday.

In the world we live in, having more money than one can count is not enough.
Sooner than later driving a four-door family car isn't going to be enough -- you're going to need a sports car that goes faster than you'll ever drive.
While the world is watching, simply clothing yourself won't be enough... Only the biggest names that fetch the heftiest premiums will wrap your body.
"Home, sweet home" is not the place you hang your hat. It's the mansion in which you store the worldly possessions that you can't quite seem to get rid of.
Happyness is no longer an intangible object, it's simply a measure of "stuff" .

In the world we live in, progression is the key to a well adjusted productive life.
Learning the rules ushers children into grade school.
Grade school turns into college -- where people learn to be themselves.
College turns into jobs -- careers -- productivity.
Jobs turn into the debt to society being paid off.
Bills, children, and happy marriage turn into retirement.
The system assimilates you, squeezes the usefulness out of everyone, and then spits people out -- withered and useless... waiting to die in places we call "homes".

There's always something more to want or have or desire in this world we live in. Pushing the limits of fame and fortune seem to be the way of life in the "American Dream" world. The global community does not live in America... but it seems that the "American Dream" mentality is contagious. "Born, grow, learn, build, enumerate, retire, die in happiness" seems to be the logical order of events.

Is this the meaning of life?

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