In the broad courtyard of the mall, she strides confidently-chin pointed skyward. Army green tshirt over faded denim and fire engine red sneakers. Spiky black hair above her oval face, she is trying not to smirk. She slows down when she passes the long tables stacked with pottery: bowls, pitchers and goblets. It's a student art show and this whole area is filled with ceramics. Faded greys, blues and browns. She notices that her name is on the table with the ribbons, she leans around a tall man who is picking up some of her salad bowls (He's looking for a price tag!). The smile is sneaking up on her face, so she hurries away.

She doesn't want that kind of attention, she just likes watching. It was just fun to get a peek at what was happening. No one knew it was her and she won't really know what they think of her. They only know what she created. She pulls on an old blue sock hat and heads to the pet store. Time to visit her favorite parrot and have a little talk about captive audiences.

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