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Curious? My logic goes something like this:
There is a really girly side to me (one that I don't show often, or in much abundance), that wants to do really girly things. I want to go to dances, and go out on dates, and find "mr. right," and settle down, and have a perfect little family in a perfect little house... You get the picture. This is the side of me that decided to go to prom.

Of course, there is also this side to me that is practical. I want to go to school, become financially secure, doing a job that I probably will do well, and not enjoy overly (the fatalist in me comes out), so I can actually support a family at some point in the future. This is the side of me that ABHORS the idea of going to the prom.

"Oh my gosh, what a waste of money! A dress that I will only wear once, hair that is stiff, and lasts a night, nails that grow out, or break off. . . WHAT'S the POINT?!"

This is the side of me that gets frustrated with life, and hauls out the ol' prom dress. This is the side of me that realizes that I have this dress that I will probably never wear publicly again, and doesn't see any reason that I can't wear it around the house. As much as I paid for it, it should be worn often, until the seams come loose, and/or I decide that its practicality has ceased. (practicality? A prom dress? WTF?!)

For your reading entertainment:

Things I've done in a prom dress:

1) Bowling: Indeed, this is a great deal of fun, if a tad awkward at times. If your dress has sequins, bowl gently, as you may get scratches on the undersides of your arms that are irritating. This is especially bad if you bowl before you do something else... your arms rub for the rest of the evening.
2)Dishes: Watch for splatter marks! If you don't care a great deal about the condition your dress remains in, by all means, go to it. Use your skirt to dry dishes before placing them back on the shelf.
3)Tag: Grab your skirt and go!
4)Noding: I'll admit it. Sometimes I throw on a dress and some high heels. . . occasionally whipping out the tiara... this appears to be especially effective when suffering from nodeblock.
5)Dusting: Have some of those cool looking gloves that go all the way up to your armpits? They are great for contour dusting. Your fingers get into all the nooks and crannies that an ordinary feather duster just doesn't find. Actually, they are great for dusting the dash in your car. Alternatively, park your car on the lawn, turn on the hose, and use the gloves to wax and polish (wax on, wax off).
I'm sure there is more, I just haven't done it yet. If you have ideas, by all means, node them here.

The best suggestion I can come up with, really, is get a few friends together, and go to some 24 hour restaurant at 3 in the morning. If I didn't think the people I hang out with would be self concious about sitting across from someone in a prom dress while wearing jeans and flannel, I would probably follow my own suggestion. I'm tempted to just show up at one of their places one of these days with flowers and say," So, wanna go have coffee?" It's just ridiculous enough that I might do it.

Maybe I'll wear it to classes on Monday.

The absolute best time I had in a prom dress (being a male, also my first time) was attending the Rocky Horror Picture Show put on by the Barnstormers.

There was, of course, much preparation involved in this. Probably 6 shots of Bacardi, some Pepsi, some Sierra Mist, and then I started in on the cross-dressing. Also required was one sports bra which looked like an orange headband for an elf. This went over my fake breasts, and by that, I mean itchy paper towels. Ouch! And to top it all off, a nice wig.

All while getting dressed, I was drinking aforementioned booze in front of RAs. One of them was also in drag. The other could not stop laughing at us.

Once we got to the show, all hell broke loose. I got called in to help out on a variety of techie responsibilities, which should have been resolved more than 24 hours before. So I got more drunk and more angry, and ended up sitting with the RAs. Well, ok, humping the one in drag. But it was Rocky, right, so anything goes?

Yeah, anything went. And I for one, hit up the everclear.Blackout!

I tried to start a fight with the director. I told Dr. Scott my entire medical history and yelled at him when he was not paying attention.

Changed with much ado, and then with a little help made it back to my dorm without causing a ruckus.

The moral of the story: you know a girl trusts you when she lets you get shitfaced in her prom dress and one of her sports bras.

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