A form of bra meant more to hold breasts in place while exercising or playing sports than to look good. Usually made of cotton and elastic, and tend to squish them flat.

Much more comfortable than a regular bra. And if worn with nothing over them, seem to attract guys just as well, if not better.


Small-breasted women suffer from the dreaded bouncing boobs too!

I just wish the athletic industry would REALIZE this. But apparently they don't. Being for the first time in years inspired to work out (for my health and so I can be in shape enough to continue fighting in the SCA), I realized I needed clothes to do said workout in.

So today I was in Academy, buying some. (Or rather, conning dad into buying them, and a new pair of rollerblades for me. Since both parents are thrilled I'm finally working out, it was an easy conning.)

One brand. One brand, of the types that sized more specifically than 'sm' 'med' and so on offered anything in an A cupsize. NONE of the others. I checked tags, I looked over every bloody rack (pun intended. I think.) I looked at 'available size' tags on products. All of them started at a 34 B except one brand.

The generic sizes were not much better. Sure, some offered "small" size. (Not many. Some.) But they were half-assed products and really did nothing. The larger sizes were better-constructed, in more colors and styles. Too bad they don't fit me.

Yes, I know some of this was probably the specific store I was in, and the lines they carried. But still! Hello! There are some of us out here who really don't feel like jogging in a normal bra, or sans bra, because we don't enjoy the feeling of running and feeling like our breasts are going to rip themselves off from all the bouncing!

Manufacturers, give us a break, please? Make more products in more sizes. I've also heard those on the other end, the extremely well-endowed, complain how they can't find anything to work out in, and if they do, it's an ugly uncomfortable tank of a bra.

Our breasts will thank you and so will we.

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