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Yes. This small fly loves my Mouse Pointer.

It leaves the House daily but always comes back to flirt with my cursor. Then it follows it for some hours, and when I turn the monitor of, it goes of till the next day .I kind of accepted it as my pet.
Sometimes we make sports together, when I chase the mouse pointer (and the fly) over the screen. This is very healthy for both the fly and me. I like it. I am searching for a name for my fly, but I don't know its sex. Now I am trying it to sit down on my scanner so I can find out. I have never been this happy in my life, but I am afraid: Someone could simply crush my wonderful fly, or a goddamned bird could eat it. I already killed all the spiders a mile around our House.

It is here now, my wonderful insect, and it follows Mr. Cursor with each letter, probably telling some poems to it (or trying to have sex with it) and it makes this high buzzing sound. People who have dogs or cats are simply stupid, I mean there are those huge, hairy creatures who either have to go outside whole day, or ignore you completly. But my Fly is trained. My Fly doesn't shit in my flat, and it doesn't need a hole in the door to get in and out. And the best thing: I don't have to feed it, it gets its food somewhere outside. Right now I am training it to lay its eggs in the House of someone I don't like.

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