My mom went to Oregon a while back, for some sort of health conference. She, among other things, spent time driving around, and seeing the West Coast. We're from Toronto, up in Canada. We all cried when Bush got elected president. My point, of course, is that some might consider us leg-warmer-wearing rupturing heart liberals. In fact, everyone in my family willingly admits to being a socialist.

So, to get back, while she was there, she attended a Billy Bragg concert. She brought me back a t-shirt, whose tag says Never Use Bleach!, and whose sole decoration is a picture of Woody Guthrie, holding his guitar, which proudly declares "this machine kills fascists" Funny, I think that Woody himself was being a little bleeding-heart with this sentiment. One might consider him an honourary Canadian.

I think that "this machine kills fascists" is the name of the guitar. If not, it should be. So it is in fact, a "thing."

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